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TEXAS 76538


RACK - 4



Unbranded Gas Station Cash Flow $114k High Margin Site For Lease

 Landlord looking for tenants for stores in Texas with 15 years Triple Net Lease (NNN) and all rents starting at $5k. This location will  branded to  VALERO which will do wonders here and with VALERO being the Texas brand volume will increase Big Time. The VALERO branding alone will give the new operator a new start on the business and new clientele right from the beginning. The fuel contract being offered to the new tenant is VALERO  RACK-4 no one offers that, VALERO can. The new landlord is investing over $100k on branding the site and other upgrades for the new tenant. This location has a 2,500 sf convenience store that has an average of over $50k a month at a very high margin, Lotto $10k, ATM $950 net a month. The station has full canopy with 2 MPD's that are currently pumping over 28,000 gallons a month at a very high margin. The station will be ready on AUG 1 st with landlord needing tenants to take over on the first. If you live in the city of Jonesboro or in the Coryell county here you go look no further this one is the one. Cash flow is $114,000 with the station being priced under market value for a quick sale, and a quick turn around for the landlord looking for a tenant. The station will be delivered to the new tenant with a Triple Net Lease (NNN) for 15 years and the rent starting at $5,000. New branding new you Make an offer, landlord investing over $100k on site RACK-4 fuel Contract what else do you need.  You welcome Texas, we are back with more listing coming soon this week over 20 station total for sale by my company in Texas.