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NEW YORK 10452





Commission Agent Unbranded Gas Station In the Bronx Cash Flow $150,000.  Unbranded commision agent gas station built on one of the Bronx busiest road. This station is right up the road from Yankee stadium and has 24 hour Regular and Stadium parking. This gas station alone just with the parking brings in over six figures and now that the state has opened up could possibly bring in over $200,000 in net profit. The station has a convenience store that is currently bring in over $20,000 a month also sells Lotto $1,200 commissions paid. The current operator has been here for over 7 years and now due to him moving almost 2 hours away from the station it's up for sale.  The seller has been traveling for almost 2 years back and forth from jersey to New York and now rather just purchase a business in NJ. The station is a commision agent site with 2 MPD's that are currently pumping 70-80,000 gallons a month at 7.5 cents commision. The gas covers the rent and all the  other expenses which are very low because being a commision agent the fuel company takes care of everything. The real money here is with the parking, when there is a game at Yankee stadium the seller closes the stations and Packs it out with parking. The new buyer will  receive this station with a rent of $4,300 and a standard PMPA lease that renews every year. The seller is currently netting over $150,000 a year and selling this location for $190,000. The new buyer could get his return on this investment with in one year, New York state has reopened for business which means more business for you. All numbers could be verified by the seller no problem just look at the location and you know it's real. Iconic gas station in the right place location,location,location if you have been looking in the 5 boroughs this one is it. The station is priced right for a quick sale so make an offer if it's reasonable it's yours it's that simple.