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Unbranded Station Pumping 60K Rent Only $1,500 Lease 10 Years. Here is your opportunity to buy an unbranded station with a rent of only $1,500 with no competition in sight for miles. This site is currently flying a Gulf brand and purchasing fuel off the open market way below Branded fuel price. Ther new buyer will option to keep the brand or put their own brand up with no fuel contract attached. This station hold a lot of value to the right buyer being unbranded is one of the biggest benefits because the new buyer will have the option to brand for up front money ($80,000) from any fuel company WE CAN HELP. The station has no canopy and no store just a kiosk that the new buyer can sell cigarettes and other Tobacco related items which will increase revenue. This location has 3 MPD'S and history of pumping an average of 60,000 gallons a month (sells diesel) before the Covid 19. Since the epidemic the station has been down on volume but has had a huge increase in the pool margin some weeks over .80 cents per gallon. The new buyer will receive the station with a brand new lease of 5+5 years (10 years total) and a rent of $1,500 also free and clear any fuel contract. Now coming into the busy season and the state is opening up this location should be back to normal or even better now that more people that are going back to work. Even through the epidemic and with a rent so low this station station still turned a nice profit to seller who has been running it 100% owner absentee. This location is great for a first time buyer or an owner operator who could take a shift and increase profit by almost 50%. There is plenty of meat still left on the bone with a little effort the volume could increase by 10% with a kinds of commercial transportation in the area for house accounts. The seller just bought the station for his son who has just lost his license and could no longer drive for 90 days. Being that the seller owns several locations and does not want to play taxi for his son he is selling the site for the same price that he paid so asking price is firm. There will be no negotiating the price so if you are looking to lower for whatever reasons this station is not for you. LOW RENT ONLY $1,500 - EVERYTHING NEW - NO FUEL CONTRACT