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Zoned C-1 Vacant Property For Sale In Sussex County New Jersey. This property was a former Exxon and now due to the landlord (Fuel Company)not wanting to install tanks and finish the project it's for sale. The property had it's tanks removed, all pumps and canopy and now it's an opened canvas. The property features a building that is over 1,700 sf that has a 3 bay repair shop with a  waiting room that's over 800 sf. This property  is perfect for a buyer that has the experience in rehab of gas stations and knows it's not much to do when you know. The average buyer thinks it's too expensive to do but knowledge is everything. Any buyer looking to lease is willing to spend a minimum of $150K with that same $150K  you can own this property and stop paying rent. Everyone knows that it's cheaper to pay a mortgage than it is to pay rent and this piece of property you can own.  To get the tanks put in is very simple it's all included in your loan (Rehab Loan)  and it will still be cheaper than most rents. There is also a plan B and that's go to any major distributor and have them do it for you for a standard 7 year 9 Million gallon fuel contract. The asking price is going to be up to you and how much you are willing to offer for the property but with in reason so for example  $150K-$200k isn't going to happened put you have enough to get it mortgaged. We are taking all offers that are reasonable and make sense due to what needs to be done there on the property. Before thinking about the offer do some due diligence on similar properties that are zoned C-1  so you could see the value . The lot size is 0.40 acres with a building that is 1,736 which is perfect for a 7 Eleven or just a store there is plenty of parking. Make An Offer.