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8 FL PACKAGE DEAL. 8 Branded Gas Station No Tenants No Fuel Contracts Clean Properties For Sale. Here is another great opportunity for a Jobber, Major Fuel Company or investors looking to get a 50% return on your money with this package. Here at Nationwide Brokerage Group, we specialize in Package Deals and Making sense of them so basically, we are your underwriters without the expense of Payroll and having to look at us every day. Once again if it doesn't make sense to us It not going to make sense to you so why waste anyone time and with that being said let's get to the good stuff. This package consists of 8 clean properties and some with Franchises Like (1) Dunkin Donuts -$5,000 Monthly - (1) Quiznos/GodFathers -$10,000 - (1) Budget Truck Rental - $2,500 - (3) Carwash -$58,000 - (1) Repair Shop - $63,000 total $138,000 in gross sales. All 8 locations have a convenience store that ranges from 2,000-3,500 sf and all store combined bring in an average of $395,000 (With Out Franchise) a month at a 30% profit margin with Lotto sales combined of $153,000 a month, Air/Vac -$4,900. The stations all have full canopies with 4-8 updated MPD's ( Pay at The Pump Card Readers ) that combined are pumping an average of 587,000 gallons a month with a pool Margin of 20 cents with cash/credit at a 10 cents difference. This package is perfect for a Major fuel company, Jobber because all stations are in Jacksonville which means your fuel delivery trucks are all in one town all day long less time driving around which means more fuel being delivered $$$. This package is also perfect for Investors, Hedge Fund groups that are looking to Maximize their return by 50% real quick and we can show you how for FREE. We take care of everything from start to finish if needed we can get the tenants, Get the best deal on Fuel contracts we have the contacts. This package the way it's running now is currently bringing in $2,479,764 a year and with the right buyer and my company, we can show you how to triple the income for Free (No Asset Management Needed We Do it All). Remember knowledge is key and here I will show you how to triple the profit and maximize your investment to about a 50% return if not more. The first step is that this package is being sold with No Tenants and each location for lease (15+5Yrs) is valued at (Key Money) $250-300K at just say $250 total $2,000,000 Million back in your pocket with very little effort we can help get you with tenants. The next step is shopping for a fuel distributor (We can Help) or major fuel company and see who is willing to pay the most upfront money and with this kind of volume that shouldn't be a problem. There are 8 stations that could possibly get $150,000 x 8 of upfront money from any fuel company that's $1,200,000 back in your pocket. Just remember at the end of the day the fuel companies make money on volume and this package has almost 600,000 gallons a month worth they want from you. The $1,200,000 did not include the Rebates on the fuel that could be anywhere from $80-120,000 Net a month just on gas rebates do the math. The last step would be to turn these locations once Tenants (NNN) are in Place into commission based sites and each store could be franchised to 7 Eleven, Circle K which will also increase the value of the property or just keep them the way they are now. The numbers are based on 20% down which is $4,339,200 and Back in your Pocket $3,200,000 almost instant because before you close the tenants would be in place and the fuel contract negotiated we can get that done for you, now Do the Math on that underwriting. (4) Jacksonville Florida - (1) Boynton Beach - (1) FT. Lauderdale - (1) Fort Myers - 8 Clean Properties - No Fuel Contract - No Tenants - Dunkin Donuts - Quiznos - GodFathers - 3 Carwash - Repair Shop - Make An Offer