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Branded Gas Station Pumping 40K C Store 103K Gross sale $2.1 Million CAP RATE 15%. This station has been running by this family for over 30 years and now for the first time it's for sale. The station is currently up and running with very impressive numbers for this current time that we are in. All numbers provided are current and are for a 9 month period ending in September 2020 with all the paperwork provided by the seller which we have in hand. The station comes fully equip with a PowerHouse of an 1,100 sf convenience store that in 9 months has brought in over $1 million in sales. This store has a history of being steady at $1.2 million a year in sales with plenty of local traffic that keeps this station very busy all years round. All the store numbers are current with monthly store sales of over $103,000 a month. Here is the break down Tobacco, Beer and Wine, Soda, Snacks and Candy, Deli Items, Dairy Products, Toiletries, and Hunting and Fishing Supplies bring in $967,834.01 a year. The other half of sales comes from the food which brings in exactly $278,043.28 a year. The store also sells lotto that is currently bring in over $70,000 a year in gross sales. The seller and his family have been running this location for decades and now looking to sell the station with property and retire. The station has 3 MPD's that in 9 months have pumped a total of 362,975 gallons (Gross sales $785,395.71) sells all grades of fuel and here are the numbers by grade Unleaded 277,387g Diesel 65,536g Super 20,052g. The property is clean with no history of any kind of environmental issues with the tank being 31 years old and are as follows tanks (2) 10,000g tanks (1) 6,000g tank. There is testing done on tanks every year and no issues nor do they have to changed any time soon they are in compliance with the state. This location has a fuel contract in place till 2025 that could be bought out for $38,000 if new buyer wanted to run unbranded and buy gas from the opened market. There is multiple streams of income here including the parking lot that brings in additional income as well with parking to a rental Unit- $7,800/yr, UPS Storage Unit- $7,200/yr that are also willing to stay and rent from new owner. The current owner has built this business to generate passive income over a $130,000 a year and has been for years with the proper paperwork on the history of the business to back it up. This property is priced below market value for a quick sale with all paperwork in


hand and ready to be shown to the right qualified buyer. If you were looking to purchase a clean property with a good business and positive cash flow with over $2,101,356 gross income this one is it. All the numbers have been provided by the sellers accountant and are in hand for the right qualified buyer to review. So shop with confidence all numbers can be proven no time wasted here. Happy shopping and stay safe