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Unbranded Gas Station Major Road Corner Lot No Fuel Contract For Sale. This station was built in 1998 on one of the towns busiest roads with a very high traffic count of over 20,000 cars a day. The location has everything that is needed to keep up with customer service that includes a full canopy for bad weather rainy days or snow business is still opened. The station has been leased out now for over 15 years and now the the tenants lease is up the seller would like to sell the property. The last operator was running the site at a very high margin which brought the volume down big time. The station has a history of pumping an average of 4,000 gallons a day with no problems the traffic is all there. The site has a 1,500 sf building with a legal convenience store that has 800 sf of retail space with a back office and storage room. This store has a history of bringing in over $2,000 a day in store sales and now it's currently averaging out to $500-600 a day with plenty of room for improvements. The gas portion of the business is as follows 6 MPD's selling all grades of fuel including Kerosene and currently pumping 30-40,000 gallons a month. The station at one point sold Cam 2 race fuel which did great here for years and now someone new will have that option to bring it back and produce a very high margin over 80 cents per gallon. The property is clean with no history of any environmental issues with 6 tanks that have a 38,000 gallon capacity are all single wall fiberglass and in compliance. The corner lot size is 9,750 sf with plenty of parking for the store over 5 spots available thats a 1,000 sf for parking. The store could be franchised to Corner store, Circle K, 7 Eleven or a Dunkin Donuts the choice is yours. The seller is selling the property under market value for a quick sale at only $800,000 with no owner financing available. The station will be delivered to new buyer with no tenants and no fuel contract the choice to brand is yours. We have several fuel companies that we work with that would be willing to offer up-front cash for a 7 year fuel contract. The fuel company will invest over $50,000 on the property everything from the LED Sign, RUBY, POS, Re-imaging on canopy and pumps to fixing payment whatever is needed we can help. Make An Offer