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Nassau County Property For Sale New Tanks New Pumps Big C Store. This property was all renovated in 2018 with no expense spared everything new including building. The station has a  repair shop with no canopy and in need of tanks and a complete overhaul of the property was required. The current seller has invested over $1.6 on this very desirable piece of property in Nassau county long Island. The station was built on a triangle lot that is 0.28 AC (11,027sf) was nothing but constant traffic on both sides of the station. The seller is now looking to sell property now that the current operator lease has expired and is now on a month to month lease. The real estate market in New York is very desirable and in some cases the asking price is through the roof  with some stations needing pretty much everything. In this case everything is done and nothing needed to do by new owner.  Most of the properties in New York are either with fuel contracts attached to the property or you know who is coming (BOLLA) not here.  The station had all the double wall fiberglass tanks installed in 2017 that have a capacity of 15,000 gallons with all new pumps. The repair shop was knocked down and a 2,614 sf building was put in its place that has over 1,800 sf of retail space with full office with separate private bathroom with a 600 sf storage space. We have no numbers on the store because we are dealing directly with the landlord who happens to be the distributor so the volume could be verified.The store could be franchised to either 7 Eleven or Circle K who is trying to come to the new york market and with hundreds of thousand of followers the brand  could do extremely well here we can help. The station still looks brand new and has been well kept with everything in working condition and ready for a new owner. The site has full updated canopy with LED lighting, LED signage and 3 MPD's that are new with all having updated card readers money well spent . This location in 12 months has pumped 873,965 with Total gross profit (rack to retail average for the year) $0.364 cents and volume going up now on a daily basis now that we are on phase 4 of the Covid-19. This station is going to be sold quickly do not hesitate to drive by and take a look and remember do not speak to any of the employees there as per your NDA with us. The asking price is negotiable so shop with confidence and with that being said this location could also be financed with any bank. The property is clean and has new tanks talk to your lender.