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Eastchester NY Clean Property For Sale With Brand New C Store . Unbranded gas station located on major road with plenty of local traffic that has kept this station busy for over 2 decades. This station has recently had a brand new build out of a repair shop to a 1,500 sq ft convenience store conversion. Everything is new here with no expense spared consisting of a full 8 door walk in cooler with a beer cave, new POS and RUBY and since opening in July of 2020 it brings in $500-600 a day with no Lotto. The seller has applied for Lotto but since the epidemic it's been dragging on for several month and should hopefully have it soon. The new owner is getting this station delivered free and clear of any tenants and with no fuel contract attached to this property. The property is clean and has no history of any kind of environmental issues so shop with confidence there is nothing to hide here. The station has been running full service since the remodel of the store to keep volume and clientele in place while the store gets going. The new buyer could run the station self service since now the all the loyal customers know of the new neighborhood store. This convenience store once approved by the state for Lotto should bring in over $35-40,000 a month due to the demographics of the town which will also increase store sales by 40%. Lotto brings in about 60% of convenience store business and with this station and the area that its in it should be big increase in cash flow for the store. This station is all up to date with a huge portion of money spent on the up keep of the underground tanks that where installed in 1989 and are Double wall Fiberglass and are as follows REG 6,000 GAL - SUPER 6,000 GAL - DIESEL 4,000 GAL . This station has 2 MPD's that are currently pumping 55-60,000 gallons a month with with a history of 70-80k a month pre epidemic. The margins are high and have been stable for years with the station selling all grades of fuel with these margins Super (.40 cents) sells 300 gallons a day , Regular (.25 cents) 1,700 a day with Diesel was just added. The property taxes are $24,000 a year that's pretty much everything on the property we are currently accepting all offer asking price $2,350,000 . Make an offer