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Branded Gas Station No Fuel Contract On Major Route for sale With Property. New to the market is this well kept branded gas station built and on a corner lot on a major intersection. This location is currently branded ( EXXON) and is being sold with no fuel contract attached and being sold by a major fuel company in NJ. The station is currently selling all grades of fuel at a very high margin with the fuel company controlling the volume and their only concern is collecting the rent. The new buyer will have the option to run unbranded and triple the volume all the traffic is there over 20,000 cars travel this road aday. The current tenant is a commision agent and pays a rent of $6,750 and is currently on a month to month lease with the new buyer receiving this site free and clear with no tenants. This gas station has full canopy with 2 MPD's that are currently pumping only 30,000 gallons a month due to the fuel company controlling the volume. EXXON is considered to be MOBIL'S top branded station which when it comes to purchasing fuel is anywhere from 10-15 cents higher than branded fuel. With that being said that's one of the reason why the volume is low and with the fuel company controlling the volume isn't helping. The lot size is 0.33 acres with a kiosk in the middle of the pumps that has lotto, cigs/tobacco, candy, cold drinks, etc. We don't have any numbers on the kiosk because we are dealing directly with the landlord not the tenant. This property has an active environmental remediation going on that is the fuel companies responsibility till it's clean. The tank are double wall fiberglass that where installed in 1984 and are as follows REG 10,000 GAL -REG 10,000 GAL- PREMIUM 10,000 GAL - DIESEL 10,000 GAL that's 40,000 gallon capacity. This station is good for a family ran business or a fuel distributor looking to increase volume on this major route all the traffic is here the only thing missing is you. Why lease when you can own this property and make your mark on this road. This station is being sold under market value for a quick sale if you have been looking for a property it doesn't get any better than this No Fuel contract and free and clear of tenants. Asking $850,000 Make An Offer.