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High Volume Commission Agent 2 Bay Repair Shop Gas Station For Sale. Branded gas station with all new equipment and branding everything new. The station is located in Morris county with no competition in sight for miles the only gas station in the area with a repair shop. This station has it all including new tanks with all new pumps that have updated card readers that take all credit cards no exceptions. The station has a huge waiting room that could be turned into a store very easily and with no permits required. The station in 2019 was pumping an average of 121,000 gallons and has been keeping on the same pace till covid 19 hit . The fuel company will disclose the 2020 numbers to the buyer who is approved by them as far as we know it's closer to 100,000 gallons now. This location is being sold as a commission agent site with the fuel company which means a net of .09 cents per gallon that's pump, no credit card fees, no tank insurance needed, no property tax paid by operator. The new operator will not be responsible for anything which includes property maintenance, snow removal the only thing the tenant is responsible for is the nozzles on pumps that's it. The 2 bay repair shop has 2 lifts in working condition with new air compressor, electric panel and updated roof on the entire building nothing to do here. The new buyer will have all the local customers that live in the area and with no competition this repair shop is capable of a minimum of $25,000 a month all the customers are there. The shop is simple only oil changes and brake jobs with the occasional changing of fan belts nothing major here to produce $25,000 a month with hourly rates of $95.00 an hour. The new operator could hire a mechanic as needed once the work schedule is full for the week we can help. The repair shop business is at a 65% profit margin at any station do your research. The station is being sold with a standard PMPA lease which means the lease automatically renew every 3 years at a 2% increase standard. The rent is $5,417 a month which could possibly be lowered we can help. The asking price includes all $45,000 and is as follows $25,000 for deposit and $20,000 Brokers fee at the end of the day you are purchasing a gas station with a repair shop for only $20,000. The new buyer will have to be approved by the fuel company in order to buy the station. The process is lengthy any where from 30-45 days now that 50% of the workforce is back in the office at the fuel company. We have all applications in hand and we help our buyer fill out correctly so you won't be denied. We have a 98% success rate with getting our buyers approved which is basically all based on credit and experience in the gas business. This location is great for a family ran business or a hands on owner operator with some mechanical experience preferred but not required. There is a lot still here that could be done here U-Haul ( Guarantee $2,400 a month as a Hub), Close Bins ($150 Each could fit 3 on lot), Propane (RYNO approved) ,Lotto ( When store is built out) new operator could also sells cars with no restrictions from the fuel company.