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Unbranded 1.1 Acre Clean Property Store $2.1 MM Gas 450K Ebitda $595k. Unbranded gas station with 5,546 stand alone building with over 20 parking spaces. This station has it all including 3 tenants that are paying over $200k a year in rent with one tenant converting the store into a well known franchise AW. There Is currently remodeling going on over $600,000 has been invested on this site. The current landlord is leasing out the convenience store and pumps to a tenant that is on a month to month lease. The store is bringing in over $2.1 million a year and netting over $36,000 in commission paid on lotto. This property is a sight to see with 2 well known franchises in the store that keep this location busy all year long. The store tenant is on a month to month due to landlord looking to sell property incase the new buyer is looking to run the store it's your choice. The store also has an ATM that on a yearly average brings in over $18,000 a year with very little effort. The current leases are long (10 year terms plus 5 year option) with an increase of 10% every 5 years. The station was built in 1997 with new tanks (DWF) and located on a corner lot of a major road with over 20,000 cars a day travel this road. This station will blow your mind once you have seen it and the income it generates speaks for itself over $590,000 just the way it is. The new buyer will have the option to run the gas and store which could really make the difference when its family owned and operated. This station will not disappoint any buyer who is on the market for a true turnkey business with numbers to match. We have done all the heavy lifting for the new potential buyer by negotiating the asking price down to the bare minimum and priced to sell at $3.5 million. This station is set at a 17% CAP RATE there is nothing on the market like it and if you been looking than you know buyers are purchasing at an 8-9 CAP. All numbers provided by the seller can be proven if not the asking price goes down and you get an even better deal. The station has a full canopy that is the size of the entire property and cover 6 MPD's that are pumping a yearly average of 450,000 gallons and generating over $50,000 in pure net profit just on gas. Here are the numbers store sales $2,160,000 yearly Gas 450,000 yearly Lotto commissions paid $36,000 yearly, Rents collected $220,000 Net, ATM $18,000 Net, AIR/VAC $8,000 NET, EBITDA $595,000 CAP RATE 17%