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PACKAGE DEAL KS -3 Gas Stations 240K Gas $285k Store A Month For Sale. Clean properties all major roads with no competition in sight for miles in either direction. 3 properties being offered for sale for the first time in over 40 years by a family who has fed over 6 generations off these sites. The stations all have updated convenience stores that range from 1,000 - 2,000sf with plenty of loyal customers. The stores all combined bring in an average of $285,000 a month at a very high profit margin with very little effort. These locations are located in the middle of upper middle class neighborhoods with a household income of over $100,000 a year. The stations all have plenty of parking (5-15) to keep up with the flow of customers that keep these stores busy all year round. Some of the stations have multi canopies to cover the MPD's that range from from 2-4 that have been upgraded and are all in working condition. The stations all combined pump an average of 240,000 gallons a month a high pool margin. The stations are all currently being ran branded and have fuel contracts attached and still doing very well. The new buyer will receive these sites with no fuel contract and free and clear of any tenants. Being that there is no deed restriction on the fuel contracts the new buyer could run these sites Unbranded and increase volume by 30% in all Grades of Fuel. The stations are all in perfect condition and ready to do business for another 40 years without the new buyer adding a single dollar out of pocket. This package is being sold under Market Value for a quick sale ($2,200,000) with a very little wiggle room on price so bid wisely no reasonable offer refused. Make an Offer