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Branded Gas Station Pumping 52K High Margin .62 C Store $50k Lotto $54K Long Lease. Major road gas station with plenty of local and commercial traffic that keep this station busy 24/7. The station is currently up for sale due to the seller not having the time to manage the site due to his other business that requires him to travel a lot. This location has all current numbers directly from the seller with the seller having all the paperwork in hand to back the numbers. Currently and in these times this station is doing extremely well and has been for years. This station has a history of sales that are very attractive to a prospective buyer looking to get his/her return on investment within 2 years with the right management all is possible. The station comes fully equipped with full canopy with a 1,100 sf convenience store that is currently bringing in $50,000 a month with cigarette sales not included in the monthly sales number. The store sells over 55 packs of cigarettes a day with very little effort all the traffic is there. This store also sells lotto with sales of $600 a day that's $54K a month of current sales history sales are much higher of course. The parking lot also brings in money with the Air/Vac, cloth bin $450 net and U Haul could be added for more income your choice. This location has 4 MPD's that are currently pumping an average of 45-52,000 gallons a month at a very high a margin of .62 with the history of the pool margin being at a steady .40-.45 cents for years. The station is being sold with a standard PMPA lease which is a lease that automatically renews every 3 years. The new buyer is only responsible for the nozzles on the pumps with the fuel company taking care of everything else. There is no tank insurance needed here as well that's over $2,800 a year in savings and one less thing to worry about. The station has a rent of $17,400 which is collected on a weekly basis by the fuel company which makes it easier for the operator to manage. The station is currently being sold under market value for a quick sale and there is no seller financing available with the asking price not including deposits and inventory which is always separate. The seller is on track of a net income of over $180,000 for this year alone with history of net income over $150,000 on paper.