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1 Acre Branded Gas Station With C store and 2 Bay Repair Shop For Sale With Property. The gas station has been in this town for decades with a good history of doing business in the neighborhood. This station has 3 streams of income the first stream of income is the the convenience store that is currently bringing in $40,000 a month from all the local traffic. The store also sells lotto with current monthly sales of $20-30,000 a month. There is also an ATM which the seller is splitting the profits with a third party of $250-$300 a month profit. The new buyer could add his own ATM no contract attached here to this store or to the owner personally. The second stream is the 2 bay repair shop that if you are familiar with the town you know the hourly rate that is charged. The bays do extremely well and are always kept busy from the locals in the area. The repair shop is currently splitting all profits with the seller that ranges from $5k-$8,000 (NET PROFIT) a month with the seller not having to deal with the day to day on the bays. The new buyer will have the option to keep the mechanic in place with the same deal or run them self. The third is the gas portion of the business which has all new equipment with 2 MPD's that are currently pumping 40,000 gallons at a very high margin on the fuel all grades sold. The station used to be full service now with a new canopy that was just installed 5 months ago it has transitioned to self service which will increase the store sales by 20%. The 1 acre property is clean and has no history of any kind of environmental issues with brand new double wall fiberglass tanks that where installed in 2013. There is currently a fuel contract in place that is a RACK +1 deal that for a fuel contract being in place it's a good deal. The new buyer will have the option to buy out if wanted but it's not needed you won't find a better deal unless you are the distributor. The asking price is right where it needs to be and not to market price for a quick sale. Make an offer