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Unbranded Gas Station Pumping 70,000 Low Rent Long Lease For Sale . Major road location with a very high traffic count with over 20,000 cars a day travel this road and the all local residents. This station is being sold by the fuel company looking for a tenant and willing to offer a reduced rent of only $2,750 with a lease of 10 years with a possible 5 years depending on the new tenants performance. The station has all new signage done with new LED lighting , POS and comes fully equipped with canopy. This is a neighborhood station with plenty of walking traffic that with the right operator could generate extra income ($200-400 daily) from the kiosk just by adding tobacco products. This station has 3 MPD's that are pumping an average of 70,000 gallons a day and with a pool margin of over .20 cents with cash and credit at a .10 cents difference. The new buyer will have the option to buy fuel off the open market and at a huge discount price depending on the distributor. This location could also be branded your choice and collect up front money from any major fuel company we can help or keep it as is. This site is great for first time buyer or family ran business with no experience required by the landlord. We can't tell the future but by what's happening now in other states with the Covid19 we could potentially have another lock down. Which means while every other business is closed you would be opened and could possibly recoup 50% of your investment back within weeks. During the lockdown most if not all gas stations in New Jersey were making any where from 80-$1.10 per gallon. This location is being sold by appointment only and the address will be sent to only 5 buyers to avoid any talking to any of the employees. This station is being monitored by the fuel company anyone talking to anyone there will be taken out our database and could potentially be personally prosecuted by the fuel company. Appointment only site we will be selling over 15 locations from the fuel company at a discounted price so don't ruin it for yourself by talking to anyone at any of our sites for sale. Make an offer