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10 Properties No Fuel Contract Gas 9MM CAP RATE 11 -18.5% NOI $1.5MM - No Tenants. New to the market is this 10 gas station portfolio with some stations having convenience stores, Repair shops and Car Wash. The portfolio is simple as it should be and make sense to any potential buyer that is looking to spend this kind of money. So if you are a Jobber, Investor, fuel company, Landlord here's your chance to purchase a portfolio that you can put your brand on with no strings attached. This unit of 10 gas stations will be delivered to the new buyer free and clear of any tenant in place and with no fuel contract. The portfolio has it all including one gas station sitting on 4 acres with a 3,000 sf convenience store on a major route that has been pre approved for a 7 Eleven. The store's range from 800-3000 sf with everything needed to run the the convenience store including POS systems. This portfolio has all stations with full canopies and MPD's from 2 -6 on each site that all combined are pumping $590,000 gallons a month. The net profit on gas is currently over$120,000 a month all stations combined. The stations with store's are all being leased out currently with tenants on a month to month lease. The sellers of some of these sites are leasing to family members with some rents collected as low as $2,500 a month. The new buyer will have the option to get a big portion of investment back in his/her pocket before even closing on this portfolio. This is how collecting goodwill you can average each location around $120,000 x 10 = $1,200,000 and $120k per site is very low. The new buyer will be collecting over $2,000,000 before even closing on this portfolio between goodwill rent deposits and fuel deposit do the math. We can help, we have qualified tenants in place now looking for gas stations to lease in New Jersey. This portfolio is perfect for anyone looking fo a good investment with a CAP RATE of 11% on just rents collected and on gas rebates $80,000 a month. These numbers here are only the beginning the new buyer could also turn these sites to commission agent site with a 50/50 split. The commission agent site will turn theNOI to $140,000 a month


($1,680,000 a Year) turning up the CAP RATE 18.5% do we need to say more. Investors you have questions we have the answers as you can see. Proof of Funds is a must before any paperwork gets handed out to any potential buyer so if you need information on this have your proof of funds ready. Broker protected we Do Not Co-Broke we don't need too, please do not reply to this ad. This portfolio still has a lot to offer, let us help you take your investment to the next level from an 8.8% to 15% in minutes. This Unit of 10 gas stations has a couple of sellers all using the same title company to make this transaction as smooth as possible. We currently closed on a 42 station Portfolio off market in Texas with multiple sellers we know the process so shop with confidence. 2022 let's make a deal happened all stations are clean with no environmental issues. We also have financing in place if needed one stop shopping. Make an offer