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The Petroleum industry had a need for one central online place to go to be able to Buy and Sell Gas Stations. It was our vision to create a solution to this need and allow Sellers to connect with Qualified Buyers. Buying a Gas Station with a Convenience Store is a unique business and requires a set of skills during the due diligence process on buying one that is profitable and will be able to generate a long-term return. Whether you are an individual Gas Station owner, Jobber with over a hundred locations, Broker or Realtor, we can help you meet your goals. Nationwide Brokerage Group Experience Makes The Difference.


7 Unit Portfolio

29% CAP RATE EBITA $4,566,480

Recoup Investment 3.5 Years


Here is a once in a lifetime Portfolio with a cap rate and EBITA that's unheard of for this market and price right to sell. We handle all negotiation with the sellers to make every portfolio that we represent make sense. This portfolio is no different than any other that we have sold with all numbers and paperwork in hand. The asking price of these 7 gas stations have the buy out ($1.1 Million) of fuel contracts included and the last and final price on each site. This package is priced right and ready to sell with No Fuel contract or Tenants. With the numbers and paperwork that has been provided by the sellers this package sells itself so there is not much more to say. All station have clean properties with updated double wall fiberglass tanks that are all up to code with phase 1&2 reports in hand. The station all have convenience stores that range from 1,500-4,000 sf and combined bring in an average of $9,554,000 a year at a very high profit margin of 38% with a Cash Flow of over $1,000,000. The stores all sell Lotto and combined are bringing in $223,680 in commissions a year with ATM commissions combined $108,000, AIR/VAC $2,400 a year. All gas stations are fully equip with updated canopy, LED Sign, Card Readers, POS System, RUBY with back up. These station all have 4-10 MPD's that combined pump over 9,000,000 gallons a year at a Pool Margin of .20 thats a Net Profit on fuel of $1,117,200 to be exact a year. There is currently 4 locations that are being leased out for $255,600 in rents collected a year that new buyer will have the option to keep or remove. This Portfolio has a CAP RATE of 29% and an EBITA of $4,566,480 and based on these figures, the new buyer/investor would recoup investment in 3.5 years on the income alone without any capital appreciation. This Portfolio is based in Michigan and in the cities of Dearborn, Detroit, Lincoln Park, Pontiac and are currently branded 1 EXXON, 1 MOBIL, 2 CITGO, 3 MARATHON.  We have all numbers in hand for buyers or investors so shop with confidence.

 Branded Gas Station New Tanks On Major Route 3 Bays

For Sale With Property Or Lease

Branded Gas Station New Tanks On Major Route 3 Bays For Sale With Property Or Lease. High traffic route with over 40,000 of commercial/residential cars travel this road on the daily basis. The property was built on an a 2 acre (87,120SF) corner lot that was just upgraded with brand New imaging, New Pumps, brand New card readers. The station has a 1,860 sf building that has a full office with enough room for a smoke shop that will do great there its on a major intersection at a light with plenty of traffic. There is also a 3 bay repair shop that is currently being leased out for $2,500 a month that will be going up to $3,000 next year. The gas portion of the business the landlord has been running from Virginia and due to other business he can no longer manage. The station has No canopy with 4 MPD's that are currently pumping an average of 30,000 gallons a month at .25 Cash/.35 Credit with plenty of room for improvements with hands on operator. There is no history of any environmental issues with the property the tanks (15K REG, 8K SUP,8K DIESEL) are all double wall fiberglass that where installed in 2010 and have no expiration date. There is only 2 streams of income here now but to the right buyer or investor there is a lot more streams of income that this massive 2 acre site can produce. This property is great for family ran business and with all this property a car wash would do wonderful here. There is plenty of meat still left on the bone here with this property just by adding U-Haul, clothes Bins, Air/Vac, ATM, Car wash, C store and with the Repair Shop, Gas already there that's 8 streams of income? This site currently has a fuel contract in place with 4 years left at RACK + 1. The new buyer could possibly buy out the fuel contract with seller willing to pick up 50% of buy out if needed for a smooth transition. The seller is also willing to lease the gas portion for $40,000 Key Money and all deposits included with a 5+5 (10 Yrs Total)Triple Net lease and a rent of $3,500 includes all taxes. The lease of the business includes the little area for the smoke shop Kiosk and the pumps with buyer buying gas at RACK + 1 pricing.



2 Branded Major Road Sites 190K Gallons Store $145K PMPA Lease For Sale

This package is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get into a well establish Fuel company that has been in this city for years. These 2 gas stations are being sold as a package with both stations having convenience stores that range from 1,000-1,500 SF with all new updated POS system and everything in working condition. Basically the current seller is having some personal issues which have his focus and attention somewhere else. With that being said sucks for him and someone is going to get a good deal at a huge discount his loss your gain. The history of both sites are as follows the seller purchased both sites 1 or 2 years ago for all in with deposits close to $700,000 and now $350,000 for both not including deposits.. The seller ran the station 100% owner absentee and having no experience really didn't help and now here we are. The sites are in need of new management with an experience operator to take these 2 gas stations to where they need to be. These 2 locations being ran as is (by the employees) are still doing well with a monthly average of $145,000, Lotto $50,000 in sales combined. The gas portion of the station is as follows both sites have huge canopies that cover 7-6 updated MPD's at each station with updated canopy and LED Lighting on both sites. The station both combined pump an average of 190,000 gallons a month with a pool margin of .10 -.15 cents per gallon and selling all grades of fuel. The stations are being sold with a standard fuel company PMPA lease which automatically renews every 3 years and a combined rent of $24,500(10,000 + 14,500) includes all. There is also a fuel deposit required from the fuel company ($125,000) that is 100% refundable to buyer when selling of both or individually. These 2 gas station are located in the county of Morris and in the city of Butler, Riverdale. MAKE AN OFFER - BEING SOLD UNDER MARKET VALUE - THESE SITES ARE ON MAJOR ROADS - LOYAL CUSTOMERS BASE - WELL KNOWN FUEL COMPANY - GREAT PRICE FOR 2 GAS STATIONS 


Highway Service Road Gas Station With New Tanks 3 Bays C Store for sale

Unbranded gas station located on the service road of the Garden State Parkway with a 3,000 sf building on the property. This location is the first gas station off the parkway with no competition on this side of the street and located on a major intersection. The gas station has a legal 1,000 sf convenience store that the current tenant build out, everything is pretty much including the POS and Decor. All the heavy lifting has been done by current tenant who has filed all the proper permits to make this store legal. The station also has a 3 bay repair shop with its own back office and waiting room to keep up with the traffic of customers from the bays. This gas station has full canopy with 4 MPD's that where upgraded along with the Ruby system everything is pretty much new and in working condition. The station is pumping an average of 80,000 gallons a month at a very high margin of 30 cents per gallon with cash/credit at a 10 cents difference. The gas station is now being offered for sale with property and with No Fuel Contract attached which makes this place a Gold Mine. The property is clean with Double Wall Fiberglass Tanks that are only 10 years old and have no expiration date. This site has no history of any environmental issues and is Bank and Lender approved for Mortgage with as low as 10% Down. The station will be delivered to new owner free and clear of all tenants and with No Fuel Contract in place. Make an Offer 


 Newly Branded Gas Station with Long Lease And Low Rent For Only $10K


Branded gas station sitting on a triangle corner lot with easy in and out from both roads. The station is being sold with a fuel contract in place a Sunoco Direct RACK (No Middle Man Here) at 1/2 penny for seven years. There is no fuel volume requirement by the fuel company the only thing you have to do is purchase the fuel from Sunoco the sale price is up to you. The station is currently being ran 100% owner absentee with the seller having a manager to run the day to day. The current seller has several locations and had to hire a manager to run sites which is why the station is priced where it is. This site needs a hands on owner not that you have to pump the gas but stay on top of things. The new buyer could get his investment back within 3 months with very little effort the traffic is all there. The station has 4 MPD's (No Canopy) and selling all grades of fuel at a high margin with fuel sales of 1,200 gallons a day that's 33,600 gallons a month with plenty of room for improvements. This station is being sold with the Rent deposit of $6,000 and fuel deposit of $10,000 included in the asking price, that's $16,000 in savings already? The new buyer will receive a lease for 13 years and a rent of $3,080 a month and has to be approved by Sunoco. This gas station comes fully updated with new Imaging Sunoco, New card readers on all pumps, New POS system, New LED sign over $40,000 invested by the fuel company. The property is clean with updated tanks that are all Double wall Fiberglass and are as follows 6K Regular, 6K Regular, 6K Super which means you pay less for tank insurance thats over $2,000 a year in savings. Another station that is basically FREE and great for first time buyer or for someone looking for a good investment at a very LOW PRICE. Gas was sold yesterday for $25,000 for a full load of fuel by Sunoco. Your buying a station for $10,000 you can't even buy a half a load of fuel for $10,000 do your research? Saving Our Buyers Time And Money.... MAKE AN OFFER



Branded Gas Station With Low Rent And Long Lease For Sale. This station is currently running Unbranded and will be Branded soon as Sunoco which will increase volume in Super/ Premium by 30%. The station comes fully equipped with full canopy that will be reimaged with updated LED's and New Sunoco Logo. The fuel company is going to invest over $80,000 on upgrades to the pumps and the stations over all look. This site has 3 MPD's that are pumping an average of 40,000 gallons a month (all grades of fuel sold) at a Pool Margin of 22 cents with cash/credit 10 cents difference. The station has a kiosk with a little 600 sf legal convenience store that could be run by new operator. This location is being sold with a 13 year lease and a low rent of $3,800 that includes all. The property is clean with updated double wall fiberglass tanks that are as follows 6K Regular, 6K Regular, 6K Super, 2K Light Diesel. The new buyer will also have a fuel deposit for $10,000 that is required by the Fuel Company for first load of fuel and 2 months of rent deposit and your IN... Asking Price $10,000 - New Imaging - $40,000 Investment From Fuel Company - Sunoco Direct RACK - Low Rent - Long Lease - Make An Offer


FOR ONLY $10,000..Just Branded Gas Station With Long Lease And Low Rent Low Asking Price

Major road location with No competition in sight for miles in either direction the only game in town. This station is now being sold for only $10,000 due to seller looking to liquidate some of his assets due to some miss fortune on other deals his loss your gain. The station was pumping an average of 50,000 gallons a month. Now the station is pumping an average of 500-800 gallons due to employee closing the station down for hours at a time every day. The seller can no longer manage the business and now is offering to include the fuel deposit in the deal. Which means you are are buying this gas station for basically nothing. This is how, the asking price is $10,000 which is paid to my company and now that the seller is keeping the fuel deposit in the sale its a No Brainer. If you decide to sell the station in a couple of years the new buyer coming in will have to pay that $10,000 fuel deposit. This site comes fully equipped with 2 MPD's that are in working condition with new Ruby system in place. The station is all up to code with 3 Double wall Fiberglass tanks that are as follows 8K REG, 8K REG, 8K SUP. This location also has a 400 sf office that could be used to car oil, windshield fluid, Antifreeze and could also sell cigarettes and other related tobacco products that will increase revenue and bottom line. The station will be delivered to new buyer fully reimaged by the fuel company Sunoco over $30,000 invested in site New Led Sign, POS, RUBY, Imaging on all Pumps. This site comes with a long lease 20 years and a rent of $3,000 includes all just in time for the busy season. MAKE AN OFFER


Major Route Branded Station High Volume Commission Agent Site Low Rent Long Lease For Sale

 Half acre site that is located on a major route in Princeton New Jersey with a high traffic count. Over 30,000 cars a day travel this road and keep this station busy all year round and now after several years of family running it's now available for a new family to run. The station has no canopy and comes with a 600 sf store that brings in on an average of $8,000 selling cigarettes and other car related products at a high profit margin of 35%. The station has all new updated pumps (4 MPD's) with new pay at the pump card readers keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly. There is also a kiosk that could be used to sell Lotto for an increase of revenue that the current operator isn't using. This station also has a 3 bay repair shop that is paying rent of $4,500 that the new buyer will be receiving No Sub- Lease Here. The gas portion of the business is as follows 4 MPD's that are pumping an average of 112,000 gallons a month at .06 cents per gallon with all credit cards being taken care of by fuel company. This location also has a propane fueling station that brings in $700-800 a month ATM $150 Air/Vac $150. The rent is only $5,000 taxes included and with $4,500 coming from the bays your rent is only $500 for the station. The lease is a standard PMPA lease which is a revolving lease that automatically renews every 3 years. There is No Tank Insurance needed here ($3,500 in Savings a Year) the fuel company is responsible for everything underground.

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High Volume Stations 

Gas station pumping over 100,000 gallons a month for sale. All locations have long-term leasing with a minimum of 10 years and up to 20 years with a  Master Lease.    


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Property For Sale 

Branded / Unbranded Gas Stations being sold with No Fuel Contract. Some locations are being offered for Lease and some are being sold with property. 

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Over 100 Gas stations to choose from, some Unbranded and with No Fuel Contract and Branded locations with Long Term Leasing for sale. 

Unbranded Major Intersection Gas Station with C Store For Sale

Corner lot unbranded gas station with easy in and out from two roads that are busy all year long with commercial and local traffic. This site is now being offered for sale due to seller living hours away and can't manage the station how he would like to. The station has a legal 600sf convenience store that is currently closed and has a history of $500 - 800 a day of sales that is included in sale of the business. This station comes fully equipped with full canopy and 4 MPD's that are pumping an average of 50-60,000 gallons a month at a pool margin of 15-20 cents with cash/credit at a 10 cents difference. The new buyer will have the option to Brand the station (LandLord Approved) and collect upfront money ($60K) from the fuel company (Sunoco) we can help. The station will be delivered to new buyer with No Fuel contract and a (NNN) Triple Net Lease for 5+5 with a of rent of $3,000. The station is being leased way below Market value for a quick sale due to the seller who owns the property looking for a tenant. The asking price includes all deposit that are required from seller with inventory (Gas) separate the day of closing. Major Road Unbranded Gas Station being Sold For Under $50K With The Option To Brand For $60,000. Make An Offer


Branded High Volume Major Route 8 MPD C Store For Sale. Well known Major brand fuel company site with loyal customers base for over 30 years in this city. The station is on one of Morris county's busy roads with a very high traffic count of over 40,000 cars/trucks commercial and residential travel on this road a day. This gas station was built and designed right to keep up with flow of traffic and has plenty of parking spaces (16 Total) for the 1,500sf store. The store is upgraded with new POS system with backup, new cameras that are phone compatible with alerts that the owner can see the entire property from home including transactions on register. The 1,500sf power house is bring in an average of $45,000 a month at a very high profit margin of over 40%. This location also has Lotto which averages out $2,000 a week $8,000 a month with plenty of room for improvements. There is an approval process with the fuel company for the new buyer. This station comes fully equipped with updated canopy, LED lighting and 8 MPD's that also have been updated with new (Pay At The Pump) card readers that makes the flow of traffic move quickly. The station has a steady volume of 100,000 gallons a month all year long with a Pool Margin of 10-15 cents per gallon. There is no credit card fees the fuel company takes care of that which means more $ in your pocket. The station is being sold with a standard PMPA lease which is a revolving lease that automatically renews every 3 years. The rent is $10,500 with the current seller running location 100% owner absentee and now just lost his manager due to car accident. This seller bought this location for over $200,000 16 months ago and now today 9-25-2019 text me that he would be willing to sell for $120,000 which means $100,000. The seller claims a net of $72,000 a year and can prove all numbers we have over 3 years of store and gas numbers. There is also a fuel deposit required by fuel company for $75,000 that is based on experience so if you have experience it will be less for you. The station has been priced below market value for a quick sale with seller looking to move quickly his loss your gain. Make an Offer 

Soon To Be Branded 1 Acre Gas Station With Remodeled C Store 1 Bedroom Apartment


This location is sitting on an acre lot with 3 entrances/exits that keep the flow of traffic coming in quickly from both roads. The current seller has purchased this gas station as an investment for his family for the future. The station is about 1 1/2 hours from the seller. The seller has remodeled the entire store and has driven there for month and realized that it's not going to work for him distance wise and now offering the station for sale fully remodeled. The site has a full 1 bedroom legal apartment that was remodeled as well with Brand new bathroom including new stand up shower. The building is 1,600 sf with 900 sf of retail space that the seller has also renovated. There was no expense spared by seller everything new, Tile floor, New Drop ceiling, Lighting, New Electric Panel with New wiring, New Walls (Sheetrocked and Spackled) New paint and everything works as it should. The seller has invested over $40,000 in just the store and the apartment which new buyer can have employee live and most important it's legal. The station has full canopy with 4 MPD's that are pumping an average of 80-90,000 gallons a month with a Pool margin of .22 cents selling all grades. The station has 2 tier pricing with cash/credit at a 10 cents difference which covers all credit card fees and adds an additional 4 cents to margin. The property has no environmental issues with new updated double wall fiberglass tanks that are as follows (1) 10k Gal REG, (1) 5K REG, (1) 8K Gal Diesel, (1) 6K Gal Kerosene which keeps tank insurance real low. This station also sells a lot of Def for trucks and propane all year round (Not Seasonal) with good revenue. The station is being sold with 5 house accounts that pay every week and a rent of $4,800 including property taxes. The lease is for 10 years with an option for more years at the end of lease to be determined. The station is currently being ran unbranded as a DELTA but within a couple of weeks will be Sunoco with the fuel company investing over $50,000 on site. The fuel contract will be Sunoco direct RACK with new buyer needing to be approved by fuel company. There will be a lapse in time before the buyer has to purchase fuel from Sunoco could be up to 1 year. Which means new buyer will be purchasing unbranded fuel and selling it with Sunoco brand for more profit and huge margin on fuel. With the Sunoco branding the fuel volume in SUPER, PREMIUM, DIESEL should increase by 30% and that is where the money is. Make an offer 


Have a Gas Station and looking to Sell but haven't found the right company? If you are looking for the Best of The Best to represent you on the sale of your Gas Station you come to the right place. We provide a tradition of Excellence, Trust, and Service to all our sellers along with Getting The Most Value For your Station. We are #1 in this business for one reason and that's because we are Dedicated to results and Doing things that only #1 can do!  We are Experts in the Gas station, Car wash, Repair Shop, and Convenience store Market and we have a Track Record That Speaks For Itself. We also have an active database of over 6,000 Qualified Gas station Buyer's who are Ready with Cash in hand and Looking to Buy Now. There is also No Paperwork to be signed with us, We Have a Guaranteed Sale Programs to Sell Your Station in 30 Days. We strive to be more than number one - We Strive to be the Greatest Number One."

Package Deal 2 Gas Stations 1 Branded 1 Unbranded On the Same Road For Sale 

Great package being offered with gas stations being on the same major high traffic road with no competition. The stations have been running branded and Unbranded for one reason and that's to corner and control the market in this area. The seller has set these stations to produce the most volume with the highest pool margin with no issues for years. When the cost of fuel is a little higher at the branded site he sends them to his Unbranded site never losing the customer. These sites are being sold as a package deal with 1 station having upgraded canopy, POS system, RUBY system with backup. The station both sells all grades of fuel with each location having 2 MPD's that combined pumping an average of 128,000 gallons a month with a pool margin combined at .46 cents. The station both have Kiosk that on average bring in $10-12,000 a month with very little effort all the traffic is there. These 2 locations are a great opportunity for someone who would like to be hands on to further increase the revenue. The current seller has been running these 2 sites 100% owner absentee for several years now. The sites also come with operator on site collecting the money for the Air/Vac that combined bring in an average of $550 a month. There is no restriction on branding the unbranded site and collecting upfront money ($60k) or any improvements on these stations. The package is being sold with 1 station the Sunoco having a fuel contract of RACK - 1.5 and 11 years still left on each site (22 years total) and a combined rent of $8,800 a month. The cash flow for these 2 sites combined is $141,600 x 3 =$424,800 the 2 stations are being sold for $350,000 with all numbers can be provided to the right qualified buyer. The stations are once again being sold under market for a quick sale all numbers are here do the math. The seller is NOT offering owner financing at this time. Great deal at a great price with still 22 years left on lease and no competition you control the market it can't get any easier. Make an Offer.





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